Rino Construction deals in the sales of state-of-the-art real estate projects in transparent, more straightforward, and dynamic ways. Commitment and responsibility are what sets our team apart. We only deal with the leading names of the real estate industry to provide our clients with trustworthy, secure, and valuable assets.

Our diverse sales team is ready to assist you 24/7. They will help you identify properties within your budget. The salespersons have kept everything prepared to set into motion for the prospective clients.


The marketing team at Rino Construction strategized, manages, and executes a variety of advertisement campaigns with the aid of public relations and real estate agent teams.

We are attentive towards all parties associated with us, especially our prestigious projects and partners. Sigma Properties uses innovative and up-to-date technology to promote projects, properties, and services related to us. In addition, we aim to reach and connect with a broader audience across the globe via digital and on-ground dynamic marketing with constant research and analysis.


Rino Construction has become one of the leading names in the real estate industry in Pakistan. We have arisen to the real estate platform due to our unmatched sales & marketing services and our contribution to the development sector of Pakistan.

Our Services Developed And Enhanced Services to Provide a Hassle-free Real Estate Experience


We focus on the needs of our keen clients who dream about the perfect property. The clients can approach us at our office and also on our online presences. Indeed, nothing is better than a happy client.

Our investor care program provides our clients with a free-of-charge property consultation service. Whether it is commercial property or residential, we have a detailed analysis ready to deliver. The top experts in the real estate field await to guide you to make the best investment choice.